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Privacy Policy

What Info Do You Collect From Your Website

Like almost all websites on the internet, our site uses cookies. Cookies are small files, often including unique identifiers that web servers send to browsers. It’s essentially a way for a website to remember you, your preferences and your habits online. We do not utilize any data collection on our end.

Why Record Any Information?

If you volunteer with us or join membership:

Trans Aid Nashville collects this information in order to facilitate mutual aid and support for the local trans community. We’ll use the information you’ve provided to coordinate various projects and support efforts put on by the organization.

If you volunteer or join the membership of Trans Aid Nashville, we will keep a record of your name and contact details. We will also retain any personal information you choose to give us, such as whether you have access to a car, etc.

Information may be collected by any member of Trans Aid Nashville’s steering committee with whom you have contact, or by you completing one of our online forms.

If you request support from us:

Any information we collect from you is compiled to provide direct support to you or the community. We keep detailed reports on each case in order to ensure we’re providing consistent and reliable support to those in need. For example: We may record the last contact we had with you and the outcome of the case. We may use de-identified information about people we have supported in reports, fundraising, and social media. For example: setting out how many people we’ve helped, funds distributed, etc.

No individual will ever be identifiable from any information they’ve provided to us. We will never share your personal data with any outside parties or institutions.

If you request support from Trans Aid Nashville, we will retain all the information you have provided to us. This will include your name, contact details, and information on your needs. We will also hold a record of all contact we’ve had with you, and what support we’ve provided to you. At any time you can contact us to request that we remove your information from our records. We will be reviewing this policy as we continue to pursue fiscal sponsorship. The more we are able to de-identify your information we will.

How Is My Information Stored and How Long Will You Keep It?

All personal data you provide to us is stored securely, normally in a Google Spreadsheet. All files stored within Google’s servers are encrypted with 128-bit encryption, both in-transit and at-rest. This means that no one besides Trans Aid Nashville steering committee members with clearance from the organization can view or modify your data. Our Google Spreadsheets are also backed up by two-factor authentication for additional protection of your data.

You can find more about Google’s encryption and privacy policy here.

We will keep your information for a maximum of one year after our support to you has ceased. This ensures a continuity of support should you need further help from us in the future. All data will be disposed of appropriately once it is no longer needed.

Who Will My Information Be Shared With?

Internally within Trans Aid Nashville:

Trans Aid Nashville’s steering committee is responsible for coordinating our support work. These members will have access to the data we store on you. They will only access and use your data for the purposes outlined in our mission statement. The steering committee may discuss the care and support being provided to individuals on our designated Signal chats. Access to these channels is strictly limited to those core members who need to be able to access sensitive data. Any internal conversations on these designated Signal chats will be permanently deleted after 7 days.


Externally with other organizations:

In extremely rare circumstances, we may share information we hold on you with other organizations. We will only divulge this information with your consent.

With your prior consent, we may talk to other individuals or organizations who may be able to provide you support in the event we are unable to meet your needs.

In some cases, it may be necessary to share information we hold without your consent in order to keep you or other people safe. This will only be done where we have serious safeguarding concerns, and any such decisions are taken collectively and following an internal Trans Aid Nashville process.

If you have any other concerns, please feel free to reach out.

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